Do you want to fly beyond visual line of sight, or near a gathering of people? Are you planning to perform a spraying operation or is your drone more than 30kg? We’ll get your operation approved!

  • No background in aviation needed
  • Full scale risk assessment
  • Communication with relevant authorities
  • Easy to apply solutions

SORA Consulting will take over all or part of your application process and get your project approved


Do you want to use drones in your organisation? Are you curious about the trends in this fast growing industry? Do you know what regulations will be implemented in the future? We’ll help you see more clearly!

  • Overview on today’s opportunities and possibilities
  • Briefing about innovation trends, key players and projects in your domain
  • Clear layout of upcoming regulations

We offer short presentations as well as workshops customized to you and your organisation’s needs


Going through the SORA process can be hard and overwhelming. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to work successfully and efficiently with the SORA methodology.

  • Relevance of the SORA methodology
  • Detailed explanation of the process, the obstacles and how to overcome them
  • Interactive sessions with real life examples of successfull SORA applications

Our training sessions focus on the practical application of the SORA. All our courses are tailored to your requirements

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